I spent years in New York City helping make the publication CITY Magazine, from its’ inception, to develop into an award-winning and highly successful company. I used my strengths in design and forward conceptual thinking to push the limits of creativity in print. Working in a highly competitive media market allowed me to perfect my professional skills in the graphic arts, design and communication, as well as my knowledge of the media business in general. 
In 2004, I launched John B. Design in Honolulu – the realization of a dream to pour my talents and passions into my own company and help business owners anounce their value to the market with clear concepts. I bring dynamic design, brand building, creative communication, and technical expertise to the use of the most contemporary tools in print and on the web to give clients a fresh and collaborative experience and communicate their mission to their target market.
My clients’ businesses are diverse and often have unique challenges and needs to maintain their success. I see each challenge as an opportunity to contribute effective design and brand-building techniques to those businesses’ products and services. My passion is to help my clients succeed and grow. My strength is to understand and realize concepts for those businesses to expand to new customers and target market-bases. I have earned the trust and confidence of many long-term clients and friends over the past ten+ years.
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