Thanks to Karen O’Neil, author of the Guides to “Getting Affairs in Order“, for choosing JBD. We are growing the brand through an integrated use of conceptual design and technology to communicate her vision to her target market. A very good collaboration so far!

Karen C. O’Neil is a certified wellness counselor and a prior member of the American Counseling Association. Her knowledge in counseling, coupled with real-life experience with the death of a family member, has inspired her to help others protect their families and loved ones. There is some comfort knowing someone is doing everything exactly as it was wanted.

Karen has developed the workbook, A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order, to help other families and individuals get organized before it’s too late. She is determined to help families have peace of mind by guiding them to communicate and avoid being caught needlessly in an unfortunate situation during a time of grief. Her intent is to take the scary and uncomfortable out of the conversations people need to have so they may begin to understand the importance of organizing valuable documents and letting their last wishes be known.

Karen taught classes at Kaimuki Community School for Adults and Kaiser Community School for Adults as a community service and continues to speak to groups whenever there is an opportunity.

A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order.